Past Broadcasts

S01E73: It’s Called Dread
S01E72: Jesus Was A Great Shot
S01E71: Eerie Over Eerie
S01E70: It’s Oscillating!
S01E68: The Rock The Zombie Church Was Built On
S01E69: NutScrape
S01E67: Plastic Shit Sample
S01E66: Soylent Green New Deal
S01E65: I’m The Public Radio Now
S01E64: Gaped Hell Hole
S01E63: Bjørn Again
S01E62: Dubya Dubya Dubya
S01E61: Danzig Queen
S01E60: Alice The Great
S01E58: A Gratuitous Display of Violence Against the Microphone
S01E57: Hex The Fed
S01E56: Jackass and Jackass
S01E55: That Holler Over Yonder
S01E54: Fleshbag–
S01E53: Four Percent and More
S01E52: Old World Order
S01E51: Milk Tap Noose Paper
S01E50: Get Out of My Garden
S01E49: Culture’s Not Your Friend
S01E48: Chiraq Punk
S01E47: Go Find Yourself
S01E46: Elites Say The Darnedest Things
S01E45: The Great Unzipping
S01E44: I’d May Love Glovin’
S01E43: Sex In Zero-G Wakes The Wolf
S01E42: West Coast Imp Style
S01E41: Eternal Dyson
S01E40: Lordy Lordy Look Who’s 40
S01E39: Wraith of the Rings
S01E38: Light & Lavish
S01E37: Onionize!
S01E36: Hu-Xclub
S01E35: Not The Dawn Of Justice
S01E34: D-Pilled
S01E33: The Scaly Show
S01E32: Time, It Was A Conspiracy
S01E31: In A Doc Tricked World
S01E30: Dang Ol’ Plan Damn It
S01E29: Cocktails at Mr. Rogers
S01E28: 2020 Won The Purge
S01E27: New Year, New Power Boner
S01E26: Farm A Logical War
S01E25: Don’t Fuck With History
S01E24: MTV Saved My Life
S01E23: 10-2=20
S01E22: At The Red House
S01E21: True Deniers
S01E20: Zed Destroys, Why?
S01E19: Double Whammy Conspiracy
S01E18: Don’t Stop The Audacity
S01E17: “You’re Gonna Make Me Dumb!”
S01E16: Another Prick In The Wall
S01E15: Cattacooms
S01E14: Mug O’ Tears
S01E13: Toobin’ USA
S01E12: Save The Breasts for Laughs
S01E11: Fools
S01E10: Notoriously RGB
S01E09: Wet Ass P-Word
S01E08: 1983 Collecting You To Us
S01E07: Make Podcasting Great Again
S01E06: VHS Babes
S01E05: X15 Malicious
S01E04: Designated Rage Master
S01E03: Straight Off The Cliff
S01E02: Officially No.2
S01E01: Whole Lotta Not So Rosy