S01E95: Love, Benjamin Franklin

Way Back In The Vatican We Bred Raptors Mac Tonight Black Moan Daze It’s so fucking t h i c c on BTS tonight! Oh wow! Oh my goodness! The market titillates traders with a close call of… Read More

S01E94: THE

Sum Tzu Lips ’83 Mother Mary’s Bazooka It’s All Spooky Tjunta clutches our Bitcoin on this episode of BTS, as he joins us for the first second half of show. You know the one. It’s about food factory… Read More

S01E93: Boost Cherry

Vlad The Mower Our Air Smells Like Shit The Mighty Gunghis Make That Thing Talk BTS brings all things weird, for it’s a great night for the End of Times. 50 ways we learned how to say I… Read More

S01E92: I Have Become Ruin, The Only Toolbox I Need

Sister Sister 88 Kelvin A Humble Brag Double or Triple Mummy Tonight was the biggest episode of BTS his/herstory! We are joined by the one and only Stephen Spielburg! It was so nice for him to join us… Read More

S01E91: Crow A Towin’

The Path Between The Original Stoic Shadow of the Triumphant Little Banana Man Check our papers, we’re LIT. Winter will soon loosen it’s grasp, and there will be time to breath in right before the whole thing goes… Read More

S01E90: Access Evil

City of Darkness Echo of the Scream Slumnation Under State If You Need The Pull It’s a Special Edition Post No Agenda Sunday Broadcast that’s LIT baby. Live item tag in hand, we go exploring the history of… Read More

S01E89: 30 Minutes Till Red Square

Behind The Yearbook Stopped It Cold Visceral and Trashy I Have Ze Rockets Celebrating schemes merrily in the spring, raining down cheer like meteorites on Mercury. Diamonds are forever baby. Daffodils tho? Not as long, but at least… Read More

S01E88: Once Again I Use The Word Bedrock

Bring in the Yellow Cake Big Cocaine Energy An American Man in an American Sitcom Why Do You Say But? Behind The Sch3m3s takes turns and twists tonight as we only come out at night! Correction: We only… Read More

S01E87: Wheatgurs

What If John H. Rolling In The Benjamins Deny Yourself Femur Fever Bow to the Terrible Lizard Queen! It’s Moon Madness on tonight’s show when space junk “legend has it” makes it mark. Hopefully it’s not your parcel… Read More

S01E86: Ghost of Kief, Sitting President of Nothing

Wild Irish Rose Enabled We Are Now Ass King Time To Heel Let It Rain Something The anon Anonymous has issued a warning to Putin, and the non-anon founder of Anonymous is a lunatic. Wouldn’t want to be… Read More