S01E16: Another Prick In The Wall

S01E17: “You’re Gonna Make Me Dumb!”

S01E18: Don’t Stop The Audacity

Malachi, Monty, and Boo-Bury welcome a very special guest to BTS: Malachi Jr. of Dimension X! Well, not really Dimension X. That gives Commie-fornia too much credit. On this episode, we discuss more dirty politricks by politickians, Covid-1984… Read More

S01E19: Double Whammy Conspiracy

Back so soon from Dimension X, Malachi Jr. joins us again to dissect a slew of conspiracies, or better stated, why experts say conspiracy theorists are off their rockers. We get yelled at by psychologists over Flat Earth,… Read More

S01E20: Zed Destroys, Why?

Level 20 Unlocked! Who coulda thunk we’d make it this far but here we are! On tonight’s BTS, Monty and Boo Bury get rich quick takin’ pricks, smuggle X-Ray Records, and appeal to deez stones. The new jingle… Read More

S01E21: True Deniers

ISO: Legal Drinkin Age Podcasters for exercising the devil out of Draconian Guv’ners. Must be able to lift at least 5…oh wait. That was supposed to be “exorcising”? Who in the hell comes up with this stuff? That’s… Read More

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