S01E105: Parachemistry and the Bye Bye Baby

Calling U Last Tuesday Please, No I Basil Valentine The Apollo For this evening, you are cordially invited to join the Mothman as we drink fine wine and study the lead! With the gold transformation, you’ll see a… Read More

S01E104: Missionary Where Eye Contact Is Prominent

Bless Your Spine Love For Hire This? Impassable Desire For Desire Whoop Whoop, get behind these sch3m3s, and join our church! Not a cult! That House of Prayer tho, totally a cult. Praise be the Jezebel Spirit! You… Read More

S01E103: They Woke Up And Chose Violence

More Interesting Than Getting Laid Thiccchain Murder Murder Murder Ding Dong and Shanghai It’s a real live wet one with goat blood flying everywhere tonight! You haven’t even seen me at my full anointed self-righteousness! LMOA! There’s a… Read More

S01E102: The Elvis of Bondage

Goat Local 88 Pharma Party Overstand It? Gloryville The “If They Tried To Black Bag Me” Special, all because of my First Porn Boost. You’re glowing, she’s glowing, we all glow down here. Speaking of down, everything’s down!… Read More

S01E101: Alt-Fright

All Scissors The Law of Identity RSSS Potsickle Dave Jones from Podcasting 2.0 joins the Green Room! It’s a conversation that touches it all, from the Evil Index to Federated Networks! Wanna know who shreds? Tune in to… Read More

S01E100: BLAMO! ZAP! Am I The Problem?

Bring Your Own Hose! Hail the Sun! Build-A-Borg! For our 100th episode, we make sure everyone has Goats for the Road. Gematria Boosts, Tarp-less Sacrifices, none of it approved by GOSHA. Despite the rain of Blood Soakers, Boo-Bury… Read More

S01E99: I Am The Chemicals

Help Jack Up Mommy, What’s Thermite? Galcit 53 Groovy Girls It’s a special edition of BTS with special guest, the good Reverend Doctor Phifer! He takes us on a journey thru the saga of one the most mystical… Read More

S01E98: T.A.R.P.A.

Seedy Cereal A Lot of Red Zombie Zealot All Hail Megaton Prepare thyself for a night of the funky supernatural, it’s gonna get red. Feel the apprehension build as the livestock drops from the skies! If your breath… Read More

S01E97: A Gothic Play

Adore Thee This Life 231 For Conspira Blackened By Scandal Past tripping the night away, prepare thyself for a production of magick! Antiquity! Ivory! Listen for the satany dulcet tones of Wagner while we admire this 45′ tall… Read More

S01E96: Recovering Journo

Beyond Five Generations Mouse House From The Streets Grape Package Greetings greetings fellow freaks, what a pleasure to be experienced tonight. Our guest is the illustrious Melodious Owls, and it’s time to get swimmin’ in the lake. For… Read More