S01E35: Not The Dawn Of Justice

Behind the Sch3m3s is back and about as obscure as it gets! We even had a sick ass tag line suggested, “If you don’t get Behind the Sch3m3s, the Sch3m3s get Behind you!” Categories! Categories! Categories! Come hell… Read More

S01E34: D-Pilled

Behind The Sch3m3s with some categories? Say it isn’t so! Well, we got something at least tonight. Dinosaurs Splattered Across The Moon? X Culutural Norms? X V? X NOB pt2? X Is Tim Dillon A Prophet? (Jury’s Out)?… Read More

S01E33: The Scaly Show

Viewers Beware! This Mother is LIVE!!! That’s right True Deniers, Behind the Sch3m3s is now LIVE at 10:30est/9:30c pm on Mondays! Go to https://www.behindthesch3m3s.com/thescalyshow/ to drop out and tune in. On tonight’s episode, we are joined by the powerful Sir… Read More

S01E32: Time, It Was A Conspiracy

Big things are in store, stay tooned! As we approach episode 33, Behind the Sch3m3s takes some TIME reading out how 2020 came together to protect our brave new world. Well, no, the story isn’t as exiciting as… Read More

S01E31: In A Doc Tricked World

Dr. Gates turns to Faustus. “No, I am your father.” Damn, if only Behind the SchƎmƎs sequels could be as exciting as that! Malachi, Monty, Boo Bury are rejoined by Atlas Agent to round off the two parter… Read More

S01E30: Dang Ol’ Plan Damn It

 BTS tonight welcomes an Earth shaker, one Atlas Agent! Was it something big planned? Along with Malachi and Boo Bury, we jump into the first of two episodes covering the Plandemic 2 movie. It’s one for the… Read More

S01E29: Cocktails at Mr. Rogers

You know, it can be challenging to come up with witty and biting episode descriptors with how fucked shit is…but it’s not gonna stop us from trying! Join Boo Bury and Monty tonight as they catch up with… Read More

S01E28: 2020 Won The Purge

Tonight, Behind the SchƎmƎs gets in some free fuckin’ speech while the going is still good. Will our gallant heroes Boo Bury and Malachi be labelled as dangerous enemies to the Hivemind? Indubitably. And for good reason. Much… Read More

S01E27: New Year, New Power Boner

  Things tonight’s episode of Behind the SchƎmƎs contains: 1: Monty 1: Boo Bury 1: Malachi 2: Dlrow Orazzib 3: Ǝnigmas 4: Intrigue 5: G Metal Zone Pecs 6: Don’t Expect Immediate Results 7: Words You Shouldn’t Say… Read More

S01E26: Farm A Logical War

You best start believing in ANTH 201: Dystopian Visions…cuz you’re living one! Is it the case? Is this what we’ve come to? Is class finally in session? Boo-Bury and Malachi can’t answer that for you, but we sure… Read More