S01E80: Mercurial

Even Degenerates Can Make History We Been Robbing Trains Since Day One At The Mouth of Broadway, It’s The Dvorak Gang. BTS gets flash frozen in place by a 12.4 mile tall plume of ash, and watch as… Read More

S01E79: I Shall Please (Placebo! Placebo!)

It’s IceShe’s ViciousOn the Internet of TrashI’m The Golden God BitchFire And Metal From The Sky You will eat the happy tomatoes as China ignites it’s second son. Try not to spend long thinking about the persistentt threat,… Read More

S01E78: The Pope Is My Burgeoning Terror

Anthrax Fog Juice  Prolific Liberation And the End of Meth and Cocaine Sports  What Dancing Fun BTS looks down, around, and behind the fat sack of babies Cooper doesn’t currently eat from. Less drugs, more heart attacks and… Read More

S01E77: Only Nerds Know What Verbs Are

When you See’s It You See’s It Lepers and Lawyers  It’s The Picklemancer For the first time ever, BTS has an in person episode! Medus from http://meduspod.com/ joins us for tonight! We frolic in the Open Fields, we dance thru… Read More

S01E76: Accept Nothing Ever

Extra Extra! Mostly Harmless Lunatics  Need Not Apply Any Critical Thought! It’s a doozy of an episode on BTS tonight. One of those…TikTok episodes. Boo-Bury and Lavish get deep in The Conspiracy Chart. We only have questions. Totally. … Read More

S01E75: Make Acid Rain Not War

Needle Needle Needle Banjo’s + Satan = ?Blood Acid OuijaLow and Steady It’s a 27 shot salute to the Air Force tonight! Also, credit is King as that 2 percent is exactly where it wants to be. It’s a… Read More

S01E74: Release The Interlochen

Smooth or Rough This is real Unevidence based Suit-O-Science!  Get yours for $9.99! On this special episode of Behind The Sch3m3s we followed No Agenda’s Sunday Service! Boo-Bury eats from the Book of Knowledge. What does genocide even… Read More

S01E73: It’s Called Dread

Blink Out. The Call of Heaven. Blood I Scream. Boo-Bury wraps up a dream, and toasts to Dan Cooper. All the meanwhile he’s totally not selling copies of Squid Game in North Korea. Lavish dives into the Red… Read More

S01E72: Jesus Was A Great Shot

Trust Only in Mr. Velvet.Good Jokes Vice Jokes?Sounds Like Conglomerate Commie Fucks.Happy Patsy Day! Behind The Sch3m3s is honored to be joined by Larry Bleidner, a man with a masters in Take No Shit. On the anniversary of… Read More

S01E71: Eerie Over Eerie

Greetings Greetings under the Moan Day Moonlight, Come one saucy sage, come all Cthulhi! Bet bet bet chill bet it’s another spooky packed episode filled with the Decline of Western Seed, and A BOTG report from Lavish hits… Read More