S01E49: Culture’s Not Your Friend

By the light of the moonshine of the dark knight,  You know what to write, It’s not wearing Mickey shirts, Stonehenge was an inside job. Flat Earth Dave joins Behind The Sch3m3s with Lavish and Boo-Bury tonight to… Read More

S01E48: Chiraq Punk

Standby floodlights, standby dry ice, and standby crushing riffs behind blatant truths.  Dry Ice…GOCrushing riffs…GOBlatant Truths…GOFloodlights…GO Behind the Sch3m3s hits the stage with a man calling it then, from the Chicago Thrash Punk Underground comes Kyriakos, Vocalist and… Read More

S01E47: Go Find Yourself

Back on the attack and ready to drop $999! It’s Behind The Sch3m3s, now with added schemes! More schemes than you could shake a stick to! Lavish and Boo Bury cut wide and cut hard across more news… Read More

S01E46: Elites Say The Darnedest Things

Watch out left coast, prepare thyself, cuz in comes the best coast! Host? Most. Ghost. It’s BillyBon3s, here to lay down not THE truth, but his very own estimation of the truth! It’s that good shit we’re coming… Read More

S01E45: The Great Unzipping

Find out what lurks in our cellar! See horribly confusing numbers! Come for the Great Unzipping! It’s a butchered 100 day review of the Most Popular President of All Time and Malachi steps out from the cellar to… Read More

S01E44: I’d May Love Glovin’

You might want an umbrella tonight, for the mayo and history and androids and aliens and all the most obscene shit from the sewers of Brooklyn NY! It’s Nick the Rat let loose in the Green Room here… Read More

S01E43: Sex In Zero-G Wakes The Wolf

I got something to say! I froze my semen today! That’s gross! But, it’s what we gots to do tonight on Behind The Sch3m3s if we decide to get that vax! Nah, we’re kidding we wouldn’t dare go… Read More

S01E42: West Coast Imp Style

Will it be the left hand path, or the right hand path? Either way, our brains are still spinning! Tonight is a weird one. Boo-Bury and Lavish get deep in yo mind as we look at all the… Read More

S01E41: Eternal Dyson

“I got a hunger, and the only cure…is more bootprints!” Lavish and Boo-Bury are joined by a new contender to chew on what really gets authoritarians going! It’s a Battle Royale of Blood Suckin’ Hunger Games Gates of… Read More

S01E40: Lordy Lordy Look Who’s 40

The Midlife Crisis Special! Sit back with Boo-Bury and SirSeatSitter as everclear and memories are enjoyed of where Behind The Sch3m3s was, is, and where it’s going. It’s a chillax-max sans any hardcore 2nd Half of Show. It… Read More