S01E128: Mr. Man, Listen

Pleasant Observer Agape Irene No, Molecule Rock ‘n Roll Dressing Rooms Ripped apart at the seams, we observe a mysterious case of the famous official charged with a strange crime. The Taxman cometh! to Build Back Better! The… Read More

S01E127: Finnegan’s Woke

Fibrous Gray-Water Hook-Up This Is Pre-AI, My Friend Petabytes of Raw Text   Lard Satin wants. Lavish sails to the Bahamas where there’s more than tokens being exchanged. It’s a Polyamorous Power Struggle! We reminisce of tacos long… Read More

S01E126: The King Can Attack Now?

Filtered Filtered Filtered BOAbucks Kevin Bacon Tremors 2020 Christmas Run The Six of Wands brings no justice for the little white marbles. Vivaldi plays, and simple abominations play chess. Callers ask for the King on King. During the… Read More

S01E125: Delete System 32

Rip Rip Bag-Piping Genital Lice You Shouldn’t Be Here Pure Brainwashing! Crabs run rampant in the Holy Land. Avoid the pits! In the Hall of China, they throw out the old bag! These French kids crossed the Alps… Read More

S01E124: I Don’t Wanna See Angels In My Haunted House

Two Birds One Chair Inverse Ovation Bleeding Edge If You Will Fast Than The Mist Spook me bitch! It’s Halloween night in the green room, join Boo-Bury and LiteBrite for attractions so thrilling and chilling you may pass… Read More

S01E123: Eat The Goddess, The Ecstasy Of Drinking Blood

Ol’ Venus Nun Mask Pot or Taxes Cult Business Rake in Hallow’s Eve with a post-NA Mischief Night Special! You are cordially invited to the elite Hellfire Club, where respected men get disrespectful behind closed doors. It costs… Read More

S01E122: The Greenroom Goat Massacre

Sourced? Stunning Parallels River Tender Preferably Not Alive Put on your blood boots! Tonight we enter the Golden Coffin, and search the Old American Archives for lead-cased queens and gilded pharaohs. The new BitchCoin. After a bloody good… Read More

S01E121: Marching Noises!!

Fus Roh Dah! Blah Blah Blah! People Don’t Use Minidisc Girthworm Jim Solo Show! Lavish steers the ship to Russia, where Madame Blavatsky teaches plebs all about her fake experiences. Great artists steal, even if they were rejected… Read More

S01E120: Everywhere Is Graveyard Dirt

Jazz-Bury CO Brown Stain International Harvester My Name is Bauxite Check your water supply, Vermont! Lavish runs off to a time before fluoridation, when industrial titans walked the earth. The Dow used to manufacture, but nowadays markets are… Read More

S01E119: 100% Genuine Leather Mistakes

Nobody Should Perform This Ceremony Never Has Bread Been More Satany I Live With Satin Name Three Episodes But Feather, Boo-bury takes off like a Led Zeppelin, illuminating the origins of Jimmy Page’s symbols and Crowley obsession. After… Read More